Down - Original Score

by SonnyBone



Down is a game I created from scratch during a 48 hour period for Ludum Dare 29 in April, 2014. The music for Down was composed first, and I created 3 movements: Falling, Fallen, and Risen. I wanted to attempt something completely different this time, so I went with a 'classical' approach by composing a song that consisted of cellos, violas, marimbas, french horns, and tubas. I combined all 3 movements into a single track, which is how the music was meant to be heard. In the game, the movements are tied to game events, which results in parts repeating or being cut off prematurely.

The second track is a 're-imagining' of the second and third movements with a more digital "video game" sound. I also extended the 3rd movement to create a new extension called "Up", which is a more upbeat way to end the piece.

By buying this album, you'll be helping my future game development. You'll also receive an exclusive Down-themed desktop wallpaper and liner notes in PDF format.

Note: These tracks have been remastered and slightly altered since the original release of the game.

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released May 17, 2014



all rights reserved


SonnyBone Melbourne, Australia

I'm an independent game developer fighting out of the deep and dirty South. Transplanted like a motherfucker. Love & Peace and all that rad shit.

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